LOVE - For a good and fulfilling life we need harmony.

By making WEISSBERRY we have lovingly combined yeast and lactic acid bacteria, to balance this sour beer in the style of BERLINER WEISSE, all in harmony of alcohol and acid. Furthermore we have accentuated uniqueness of this beer by upgrading the basic beer with concentrated raspberry juice which makes it an ultimate refreshing beer cocktail worthy of our 5thELEMENT line.

Aroma: slightly sour with pleasant aroma of raspberry which is more noticeable with bigger sips

Appearance: pleasant, raspberry red colour with pale pink foam

Taste: pure taste of lactic acid complemented by light sourness and raspberry taste. Very dry ending, stimulating for more

Fullness: light, sour body, pleasantly carbonated without noticeable alcohol taste. Pure fruit acid.

Food pairing: French-fries, cured meat produces, fatty cheeses of mild taste, cheesecake and fruit desserts

Serving: 7 – 10°C, goblet&chalices glass

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